Burn Like Water

The painting depicts Lake Natron, a salt lake that due to evaporation concentrates into a caustic alkaline brine.
Firstly, I searched for the perfect hue of red, the one that resembles the real color as close as possible. I ended up using Dark Cadmium Red.
I wanted to have as little control over what was happening as possible, so I didn’t use any brushes. I added over 10 layers of paint and submerged the canvas under running water, washing off the excess and letting it dry before adding the next layer. This allowed me to create a nice, flowing effect.
Lastly, I wanted to capture the key aspect of the lake, the corrosiveness. I did that by using chemicals such as bleach. In some areas, this had no effect, but in others, it almost left a hole in the canvas.

Acrylic and bleach on cotton stretched canvas